First time on Kickstarter?

What is Kickstarter?

The platform we are using to launch Heroes of Might & Magic III: The Board Game is Kickstarter. It’s a place where creators seek funding for their projects directly from the community. As compensation for helping to fund the project in its early stages, you get it before the retail release along with plenty of free items. This is also known as crowdfunding.


When you fund the project, you make a „pledge” and become a backer. Every pledge level comes with particular rewards and additional free-of-charge items that come as a „thank you for your support” bonus.

Stretch Goals

With more backers, we can afford to make our project even better. Another name for this is Stretch Goals. Those bonuses are added for free to every pledge. Those are extra items like miniatures, cards, or 3d towns. Most of them will never be available in stores. They are marked as “Kickstarter exclusive” items.


When you make a Pledge, you are asked for your credit card number by the Kickstarter platform. Currently, there is no other way to make a payment during the campaign other than a credit card. Before backing a project, contact your bank, if your credit/debit card can be used for international payments online.

Pledge manager

A few weeks after the campaign ends, we will launch the „Pledge Manager.” This is a website that works like an online store and is completely separate from Kickstarter. The money you pledged as a Backer is transferred over as credits to the pledge manager.  Here you can choose your rewards in detail, purchase any additional add-ons and provide us with your postage address. At this stage, you also choose the language version of your game.

Shipping and delivery

Your game will be delivered to you according to the project timetable. Funding a project on Kickstarter is not a pre-order. Please refer to the dates and schedules on the project’s page during the campaign. Once you have closed your pledge, sit back and relax, as the game will be delivered to your doorstep once it’s manufactured.

Get involved with the community

Long before the campaign even starts, you can give feedback about the project in the comments section. Our team reads every comment, and we value the voice of our community above anything else. Most important news you will always find in the “Updates” section of the page after the campaign launch.